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Migrants with children are seen in custody at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing area in Mission, Texas, in mid-March. (Associated Press)

Border woes: $50,000 a month for diapers

- The Washington Times

Eight Republican members of the House Committee on Homeland Security have just returned from a fact-finding mission along the southern U.S. border, specifically in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas. They have compiled some "shocking realities" in a 10-point follow-up report released Wednesday.

If former President Donald Trump were to create a social media platform, an expert says he would have a "good chance of success." (Associated Press)

Trump Twitter has 'a good chance of success'

- The Washington Times

Political foes of former President Donald Trump should not forget that he has a viable background in entertainment, public engagement and media outreach. Mr. Trump is also very canny about personal branding and can create productive buzz around his interests or activities before the media even wakes up in the morning.

The hashtag #BidenRepublicans trended several times on social media this week. The premise seems to have some staying power. (Associated Press)

Media fixates on Biden Republicans, Reagan Democrats

- The Washington Times

Well, it's always something, and it's all in the timing. At the moment, the news media and progressive commentators say "Biden Republicans" are now emerging, driven by distaste for former President Donald Trump and shock over the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee has left the Democratic Party and has joined the Republicans. He made the announcement on Fox News. Mr. Lee said he can no longer stand with the party. (Associated Press)

Mayor John Lee sets a mighty example

- The Washington Times

Republicans in Washington should not overlook the potential of the heartland to shore up the clout of the Republican Party. The changing sentiments of those within grassroots populations could easily make the Grand Old Party a lot grander as the 2022 and 2024 elections loom on the horizon. There's a clear opportunity to pick up disgruntled Democrats now unnerved by the unapologetic progressive or socialist directions the Democratic Party has taken. Some activity in Nevada is a perfect test case. Once upon a time, Nevada was Republican territory. Things changed. Democrats have won the last three presidential elections there.

Media coverage of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, has usurped coverage of the migrants at the southwest border. (Associated Press)

The media herd trudges to the next big buzz

- The Washington Times

Looks like the drama of migrant caravans, unaccompanied children in crowded shelter facilities and the allure of petulant political scuffles over immigration issues have lost their charm for the fickle press. Journalists appear to be trudging along in another direction, poised to find another source of news, buzz and public attention.

First in the nation vote: A scene from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire on Nov. 8, 2016. State leaders are trying to protect its first voter status. (Associated Press)

New Hampshire takes on Nancy Pelosi

- The Washington Times

Many Americans revere those precious few moments when New Hampshire voters step up in the hush of the midnight hour as "first in the nation" to file their primary votes in presidential elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats apparently are trying to remove that hallowed status for a variety of reasons, both political and cultural.

A new poll found that about 48% of Americans now disapprove of how President Biden is dealing with immigration. (Associated Press)

Immigration woes hurt Biden approval

- The Washington Times

Public sentiment about immigration is complex, particularly as the nation confronts the thousands of children now awaiting entry into the U.S., crowded into government facilities. An Economist/ YouGov poll offers insight.

President Biden hasn't been governing as a moderate, professor emeritus Charles Lipson wrote recently about the president. (Associated Press)

Biden's bait-and-switch presidency

- The Washington Times

Can it be that President Biden has only been in office for 72 days? Some observers may be under the impression that it's been more like 72 years or even 72 minutes — but no matter. Here's a tidy summation of the presidential performance so far.

Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup, reveals the pollster's research suggests 42 million people currently want to immigrate to the U.S. (Associated Press)

42 million want to migrate to the U.S.

- The Washington Times

The news media is particularly fond of quoting lots of numbers and percentages when it comes to immigration coverage, citing yearly averages and speculative estimates of who is crossing the U.S. border, legally or illegally. Sources for such information vary; some are official, some are not. Words like "surge" and "wave" appear often as journalists, politicians, the public and assorted officials try to parse out the situation.

The 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan is approaching, cited as significant by presidential historian Craig Shirley. Reagan had only been in office for 69 days. (Associated Press)

It's been 40 years since Reagan was shot

- The Washington Times

The 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan is approaching. The stark and horrific event took place on March 30, 1981 — played out before news cameras outside a major hotel on a rainy afternoon in the nation's capital.

What once was: Then-President Trump faces reporters during a news conference at the White House on Sept. 4, 2020. (Associated Press)

Will media behave at Biden press conference?

- The Washington Times

Many eyes are now on the prospect of President Biden's debut press conference Thursday — so many that, an international wagering house, is now taking bets on what color tie Mr. Biden will wear, what topics he'll address first and whether or not he will "commit a political gaffe," in the words of the organization.

A new study from the Pew Research Center found that Fox News continues to win the battle for the conservative and the Republican audience. It far outpaces its rivals Newsmax and One America News. (Associated Press photographs)

Fox News still top choice of Republicans

- The Washington Times

The battle for the conservative and Republican audience continues. Fox News, according to a substantial new media study, continues to win that battle despite the aggressive efforts of two very able competitors.

Former President Donald Trump is shown in this undated file photo. (Associated Press)  ** FILE **

Donaldgram: Trump to launch own social media

- The Washington Times

He was a master of Twitter. That would be former President Donald Trump, who sent out 23,858 tweets after he took office in 2017, setting a record on June 6, 2020, when he tweeted 200 times. Mr. Trump was banned from Twitter on Jan. 8. He had 88.7 million followers.