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Superhero Movie Quiz

Washington Times' staff writer Joseph Szadkowski challenges mere mortals to a contest of mental might with this quiz tethered to some of the greatest superhero-themed movies and franchises of all time.

Which actor known for sci-fi roles had co-starred in both "X-Men" and "Star Trek" films?

This 1975 comic book cover image released by Marvel Entertainment shows "Giant-Size X-Men, v1 #1."The publisher of Marvel Comics is focusing on its panoply of characters, enlisting writers, artists, editors and historians to build a sprawling digital and interactive timeline that showcases the famous, the infamous and the obscure heroes, and villains. The endeavor is part of Marvel’s celebration of its 75th anniversary to make people aware of more than marquee names like Captain America or Spider-Man, and to appeal to site visitors coming from the cinema or cataloging a comic collection in the basement. (AP Photo/Marvel Entertainment)

Which actor known for sci-fi roles had co-starred in both "X-Men" and "Star Trek" films?

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