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How the Innovation Act crushes American inventors

How the Innovation Act crushes American inventors: Why big business wants to silence the small inventor is a special report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department.

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Panacea for 'patent trolls' or death knell for inventors?

When House Republicans restarted their campaign earlier this year to reform U.S. patent laws, they found the same bipartisan backing from heavyweights such as Google and Facebook but an increased opposition from some conservatives.

Patent 'reform' is killing the right to invent

With the best intentions, and naively going along with the corporate world's hugely financed publicity machine, Congress is about to stomp on America's most creative citizens, its inventors.

This is an undated photo of Alexander Graham Bell. Bell, who invented the telephone in 1875, was born in Edinburgh, EC Scotland, in 1847 and died in 1922. (AP Photo)

End of the American inventor

Individual inventors are asking Congress to defeat H.R. 9 the Innovation Act. Yet, the House Judiciary Committee appears determined to put an end to the American inventor while refusing to hear from the very inventors that are impacted by its legislation.