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The power of prayer: For America's future

The power Of prayer: For America's future is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department.

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POWER OF PRAYER: Prayer shaming shames us all

Pitting prayer and action against each other, one headline shouted "God isn't fixing this," and ridiculed those who respond to massacres with words such as "My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims."

POWER OF PRAYER: This is war talk less, pray more

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 5:12

POWER OF PRAYER: A prayer for the forgiveness of our nation

Forgive us for what we have taught our children: that evil is good and good is evil; that darkness is light and light is darkness; that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Forgive us for teaching them that left is right and right is wrong, that true is false and falsehood is true.

POWER OF PRAYER: The abortion king repents

I didn't understand why God was sending me to meet him, but before leaving the interview my mission had been made very clear: I promised "The Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys" I would reveal the strategy of his national deception and deliver his personal parting message until it becomes widely known.

POWER OF PRAYER: The power of desperate prayer

"Transformation of an enterprise begins with a sense of crisis or urgency," he told the students. "No institution will go through fundamental change unless it believes it is in deep trouble and needs to do something different to survive." Lou Gertsner, former CEO of IBM, at Harvard Business School, December 2002

POWER OF PRAYER: The odd, compelling richness of daily prayer

As a high school senior, I remember thinking, "If I am going to get down on my knees, share my innermost thoughts and feelings, plead to God to help solve all the high school craziness in my life, then I need to know if He is really there, and capable of doing anything about all of my perceived problems!"

POWER OF PRAYER: Calling America to prayer

This nation is presently in a situation in which nothing but prayer can bring restoration. No law, no ordinance, no bill, no executive order, no presidential candidate, no speech, no sermon nothing can accomplish the task.

POWER OF PRAYER: The power of prayer in America's future

America, a nation conceived in liberty and justice, was built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian principles that, to this day, serve as guiding lights in our nation's hope for tomorrow. Our founding fathers were men of deep and abiding faith who understood God's providential course in forging a nascent nation out of dangling and disjointed colonies.

POWER OF PRAYER: Talking with the spirit of God

To learn about how to communicate with God, we have the Bible and God's Holy Spirit to call upon. To talk to God, we have to talk in the language of God, which is the Holy Spirit.

POWER OF PRAYER: Climbing out of the cultural sewer

This effort is planned, deliberate and well-executed. Its result deafens America to God's intentions for His creation. All around us men and women, young and old, are falling into lewd, gross immorality sexual and otherwise.

POWER OF PRAYER: Freedom from the dark side

There's no greater or more famous prayer than the Lord's Prayer. Ironically, theaters throughout Britain recently banned an "advert" featuring the Lord's Prayer, intended to run just before the new "Star Wars" movie.

Andi Brindley

POWER OF PRAYER: A life-giving connection in life's wilderness

Circumstances will change prayer from a duty to a life-giving connection to God's Spirit. During a prolonged period of hardship in my life, a friend wise in the ways of prayer spoke words to me that changed my prayer life forever.

Sharon Tanaka

POWER OF PRAYER: Ask God, as Moses did, "Teach me your ways so I may know you."

When I started to pray in earnest for my family members, I realized I did not know what I needed to pray for. I was desperate to know what was lacking in my prayers, and what God desired for me to understand. I now see in hindsight, that God placed me in different surroundings, moved me out of my comfortable Christian world of many years, and put me in a new place a different country and language, a new city, a new church family.

POWER OF PRAYER: The case for faith

Prayer and spirituality can be mysterious, but they are real, and have offered countless millions a place of refuge, solace, comfort, hope and a deeper sense of purpose especially in times of tragedy or crisis, where grief and despair crouch at the doorstep of the soul, seeking to rob a person of vitality and life. One might say prayer is an inherent aspect of human nature and incorporates concepts such as wholeness, restoration, comfort, joy, guidance, and hope in the hereafter. The discipline of prayer is often viewed as a way to help explore one's ongoing search for meaning and creates an appreciation for deeper things.

POWER OF PRAYER: Science connects our brain and the body of Christ

Clinicians worldwide have come to see the value of linking abstract, theoretical notions of human change to embodied transitions manifested, for example, in the concepts of neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to change and grow) and epigenetics (the study of genes).