Special Section - Vlad's Vengeance: Inside Putin's 'hybrid warfare' on the U.S. - Washington Times
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Vlad's Vengeance: Inside Putin's 'hybrid warfare' on the U.S.

This is an occasional series examining Russian President Vladimir Putin's motives and actions as tensions in U.S.-Russia relations heighten.

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Mikhail Lesin (right) served as a top press aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin until 2009. As his broadcast network RT expanded, he had a falling-out with Mr. Putin, one American intelligence source said, and he moved his family to California. (REUTERS/ITAR-TASS/KREMLIN PRESS SERVICE)

Obama-led intel fiasco paved way for Russian subversion

- The Washington Times

That so much of Mikhail Lesin's death remains unexplained more than two years later underscores the deep confusion in Washington over what American spies knew and didn't know about the depths of Russian subversion activities in 2015 and, more broadly, whether Moscow's subsequent election-meddling exposed a major hole in American intelligence.