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Bill Devlin

Bill Devlin

The Rev. William Devlin, aka "PB," is co-pastor of the Infinity Bible Church in the South Bronx, New York, and national president of REDEEM! — an organization committed to assisting persecuted people and groups in America and around the globe. PB enlisted in the Navy in 1970 and received the Purple Heart after being wounded by enemy fire off the coast of North Vietnam. He holds several degrees, including master of arts in religion from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He and wife Nancy have five children and four grandchildren. You can contact him by email at, on Twitter @pastordev and on Facebook.

Articles by Bill Devlin

'Their Blood Cries Out' in Syria, elsewhere for our help

Twenty years ago, Professor Paul Marshall of the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Canada, wrote a book with a particularly uninviting title, "Their Blood Cries Out." This tome, not unlike the 16th century John Foxe's Book of Martyrs, described the persecution of multiple Christians around the world. Published February 10, 2016

Little Yazidi girl, 7, speaks of ISIS brow-beating

Sitting in a U.N. refugee tent in a camp filled with 18,000 refugees, my stomach turns and my eyes are wet, listening to yet one more horrific, unimaginable crime committed against Yazidi children, girls and women. It is Christmas Eve 2015. Published January 8, 2016

2015: The Year of the Orange Christmas?

ISIS has captured the attention of the world -- and the color orange. Too often, as we have watched the news, we see men dressed in orange jumpsuits with their hands tied behind their backs with ISIS murderers behind them, poised to behead them. Published December 14, 2015

The Rev. Bill Devlin, an American pastor, and Parisians following the Nov. 13, 2015, terror attacks. (Photo courtesy Bill Devlin)

Paris: City of Lights becomes City of Fear

While this new Faith Under Fire column features people of faith being persecuted, this week our focus turns to the events in Paris, France, where this author traveled within a day of the horrific, tragic violence of the murder of 129 innocent people. Published November 19, 2015

American Pastor Bill Devlin (far right) sits with three Yazidi girls who retold the terrible ordeal of the killing and raping of their family and Iraqi village. The girls were rescued.

3 Iraqi girls survive ISIS raping, kidnapping

The three girls' eyes wept dry exhausted tears as they shared their stories in a humble, broken manner after they had experienced all of the atrocities of rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage. Published November 10, 2015

'This is for you because you are a Christian'

"I invited my neighbor over for tea. I am Christian, my neighbor is Muslim," said Abid, a father and husband who lives in a city of the Middle East, in a Third World area, that has 1.7 million people and where a recent survey reveals that in this city there are only 1,000 Christians remaining. Published October 30, 2015