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Casey Curlin

Articles by Casey Curlin

Clash at Brandeis U. over Israeli speaker

Students at Brandeis University, which is historically Jewish, are protesting Israel's ambassador as their commencement speaker, arguing that the school is biased against Palestinians. Published April 30, 2010

Police adjust to a world caught on tape

The March 3 confrontation between a University of Maryland student and the Prince George's County police force dramatizes the revolution in law enforcement wrought by video recorders and cell-phone cameras. Published April 26, 2010

Texas students see religious bias with ‘year of Our Lord’

Students at a Texas college are demanding that their diplomas not be dated "in the year of Our Lord," prompting school officials to consider removing that phrase while leaving what others consider another obvious reference to Christendom — the school's name, Trinity University. Published April 21, 2010

Health reform a bitter pill for Fla. voters

The most powerful - and consequential - aftershocks of the Obama's just-passed health care plan may be felt in the state that helped make him president. Published April 2, 2010

Ayala wins Templeton Prize

In Pablo Picasso's painting "Guernica," a woman's pained face is turned upward as she wails over a dead child in her lap. Various other faces appear scattered over the canvas, each one clearly in some kind of suffering. Published March 26, 2010

Reality TV spices Arab politics

First, mix "American Idol" with "The Real World." Pour the contestants into the same house, stir in the same grungy, bubble gum pop outfits, and watch their reaction. Then ice with a singing contest in which voters decide the winner. Published March 26, 2010

Coulter seeks prosecution in Canada over free speech

While Ann Coulter is making her speaking tour of Canada this week, she could face a legal issue that has not hindered her in the United States — restrictions on free speech. And her reaction? Bring it on. Published March 24, 2010

Canadian protest shuts down Coulter

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, on a speaking tour of Canada this week addressing political correctness and freedom of speech, found herself silenced Tuesday when organizers canceled a speech at the University of Ottawa after deciding it was too risky to stage the event. Published March 23, 2010

Blockbuster chain mulls bankruptcy

Make it a Netflix night. Or make it a Redbox night. Or make it an On Demand night. But "make it a Blockbuster night"? Published March 19, 2010

Green Yule for virtual Salvation Army

Last Christmas, the famous bell-ringers went "cyber" in new ways - and Americans had the Salvation Army's "virtual" kettles overflowing with record donations of $139 million. Published March 19, 2010

Suicides spur review of Massachusetts bullying bill

Prompted by the recent suicides of two students, Massachusetts state House lawmakers on Monday will review a bill that would add bullying prevention to statewide education goals. Published March 15, 2010

Obama’s teacher hard line spurs debate

President Obama's approval of the recent firing of teachers at a Rhode Island high school has spurred a debate among education specialists about whether staff turnover will help underperforming schools. Published March 10, 2010

Olympics’ impact felt beyond Vancouver

The flame has gone out for now, but the political and cultural reverberations from the just-concluded 2010 Winter Olympics are still being felt far beyond the slopes, rinks and luge tracks. Published March 1, 2010

‘Young Guns’ target House GOP gains

Pat Meehan is just one of the NRCC's premier recruits in a full-bore drive to reclaim control of the House in November's midterm elections. Published February 26, 2010

Students, schools clash in cyberspace

Coarse language and bad manners are nothing new on Facebook and other social-networking sites, but courts and state legislatures are divided over how to curb personal attacks and cyberbullying while respecting students' First Amendment rights to free speech. Published February 24, 2010

Conservatives woo Hispanics

A conservative group has begun a new initiative to bring Hispanics into their movement by emphasizing traditional social issues, but the fight over immigration may prove this to be a futile effort. Published February 19, 2010

Blizzards heat up warming debate

In Washington, even a snowstorm is a political event. As residents trudge through blizzards and shovel out stranded cars, climate-change skeptics have been tossing verbal snowballs at those arguing that the planet is heating up. Published February 12, 2010

Study finds lack of civic learning in college

College fails to teach civic knowledge - including American history and national institutions - and has an influence on liberal leanings among students, a new study says. Published February 11, 2010

California court kills pot limit

The California Supreme Court struck down Thursday a law that restricted the amount of marijuana that medical patients could legally possess or cultivate, ruling that only the voters could alter a law passed via the initiative process, not the state Legislature. Published January 22, 2010