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David Axe

Articles by David Axe

Arrest of 286 illegals targets criminals

Nearly 300 people have been arrested in California in what federal officials are calling the largest sweep to date targeting illegal immigrants who have criminal records. Published December 12, 2009

U.S. tests ‘ink spot’ strategy in Afghanistan

U.S. forces are testing a modified strategy dubbed "ink spots" in which coalition forces pick certain districts to flood with reconstruction projects and permanently defend from Taliban insurgents. Published November 12, 2009

Challenges dog U.S. in Afghan war

As the Obama administration debates the need for additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan, commanders at Bagram Air Base say their facilities already are overwhelmed by existing demand. Published October 15, 2009

Piracy decline ‘a fact’

A year after Somali pirates grabbed headlines with a series of high-profile hijackings in East African waters, piracy appears to be waning. Published October 1, 2009

Navy brings aid, training to Gabon

When uniformed medical teams from the U.S. Navy warship Nashville arrived recently at the ramshackle single-story children's shelter in Libreville, Gabon, the roughly two-dozen children at the facility panicked and hid. Published May 21, 2009

Pirates not just the stuff of legend

For the crew of the small coastal freighter Semlow, the latest security crisis of the new century winnows down to something simple and personal: Published January 4, 2009

EU deploying vessel against pirates

MOMBASA, Kenya | The European Union will launch its first naval combat mission Sunday, deploying a British frigate to escort vital U.N. food aid to starving Somalis. Published December 14, 2008

Gunbattle erupts in Chad

When the gunfire started around 9 on Friday evening, some people in this hot, remote outpost town near Chad´s border with Sudan assumed it was celebratory shooting from a wedding taking place downtown. But long bursts of machine-gun fire and at least one exploding rocket quickly dispelled that notion. Published June 26, 2008