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Dr. Milton R. Wolf

Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a Washington Times columnist, is a radiologist and President Obama's cousin. He blogs at

Articles by Dr. Milton R. Wolf

Illustration: Capping Obamacare by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

WOLF: In contempt of court and common sense

For years, the left beat the drum that President Bush was shredding the Constitution with the USA Patriot Act, Guantanamo detainments, rendition and execution of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. When President Obama adopted those policies as his own, the left suddenly went as silent as Al Gore during a blizzard. Published February 15, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

WOLF: USS Obamacare takes on more water

Edward Smith became known as "the millionaire's captain" because the powerful of his day held him in almost mythical regard. When the estimable Capt. Smith was alerted to the dangers that lay ahead, he proceeded, undeterred, full steam ahead. His new ship, the Titanic, could not be sunk. A hundred years later, those piloting the USS Obamacare are discovering their own rough waters and the devastating ruling in the multistate lawsuit is just one of the icebergs they face. Published February 4, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

WOLF: Tawdry details of Obamacare

If you would like to know what the White House really thinks of Obamacare, there's an easy way. Look past its press releases. Ignore its promises. Forget its talking points. Instead, simply witness for yourself the outrageous way the White House protects its best friends from Obamacare. Published January 28, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare clock by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

WOLF: Buck up and stop Obamacare

Forty-six. Twelve. Four. I hope to tattoo those numbers right onto the brain of every Republican member of Congress. 46-12-4. If that sounds like a launch code or a countdown, that's because in some ways it is. 46-12-4 is a warning that Americans are increasingly losing their patience with Washington and won't wait long to remove members of Congress from either party who go astray. Published January 7, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

WOLF: Lies, damn lies and death panels

Those death panels that the White House first promised were never a part of Obamacare and then promised had been removed from Obamacare are back in Obamacare, but the White House promises us it's nothing new. If this doesn't trouble you, I'll make a promise of my own: When your mother gets caught in the cross hairs, it will. Published December 30, 2010

Illustration by William Brown

WOLF: Mr. President, tear down this law

Mr. President, the centerpiece of your domestic agenda, the health care overhaul that bears your name, has just been declared unconstitutional. I celebrate this victory for freedom and for limited government, and I invite you to consider the opportunity it offers you. Published December 15, 2010

Illustration: Operation Obama by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

WOLF: My journey into the belly of the beast

In six months I went from a political outsider to the only Tea Partier our president actually knows. Until recently, I had never been to a political rally, much less been an activist. I frankly found politics to be a repulsive display of backroom deals, dishonesty, personal attacks and smear tactics designed to intimidate normal Americans from joining the process. But everything changed with Obamacare. Published November 17, 2010

Illustration: Obamacare by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

WOLF: Obamacare’s Unkeepable Promises

We are witnessing the unmistakable collapse of an American presidency. While this may not yet be irreversible, it certainly was predictable and preventable. Chief among its causes has been the unbridled hubris that prompted this president to force Obamacare, the government takeover of the finest health care system in the world, against the clear will of "we the people" while turning his back on the free-market principles that once made us the most prosperous nation on earth. Published October 21, 2010

WOLF: Dennis Moore must be recalled

"I do solemnly swear that I will ... faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God." Like millions of other Americans, I watched our elected leaders with growing frustration as they willfully ignored "We the People" and brazenly rammed through their government takeover of the world's finest health care system. Now, I confess that I may take this a little too personally. After all, I'm not only a practicing physician, but I am President Obama's cousin. Published April 13, 2010

WOLF: Obama family health care fracas

"Primum nil nocere." First, do no harm. This guiding principle is a bedrock of medical care. Sadly, those politicians who would rewrite our health care laws do not live in the same universe as do the doctors and health care professionals who must practice it. Published March 11, 2010