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John Phillips

Articles by John Phillips

Turkish-Cypriot leader optimistic on talks

Turkish-Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat says recent talks with Greek-Cypriot leaders made significant progress toward a power-sharing settlement and that he is confident that Europe's last wall, dividing the island's capital, Nicosia, can be dismantled before April presidential balloting in Northern Cyprus. Published November 18, 2009

Italian set to steer Chrysler turnaround

The extraordinary drive and global vision of Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler's charismatic new Italian-Canadian chief executive, are key assets that will enable Fiat to turn around its ailing American acquisition, insiders at the Turin-based corporation say. Published June 14, 2009

Pope ends pilgrimage with call for peace

Pope Benedict XVI ended his controversial pilgrimage to the Holy Land on Friday by appealing to Israelis, Palestinians and all the people of the Middle East to "break the vicious circle of violence" and let a two-state solution become a reality. Published May 16, 2009

Pope joins Muslims, Jews in unity appeal

Pope Benedict XVI climaxed his visit to the Holy Land by holding hands and singing with Muslims and Jews in the hometown of Jesus on Thursday to underline a poignant appeal for all faiths to reject hatred and live in peace. Published May 15, 2009

Pope celebrates Mass in Nazareth

Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday celebrated Mass for tens of thousands of Christians in the town where Jesus grew up, calling for people of all faiths in the Holy Land to "reject the power of hatred and prejudice." Published May 14, 2009

Pope decries Israeli wall

Pope Benedict XVI visited a Palestinian refugee camp Wednesday in the West Bank and condemned an Israeli wall overshadowing the facility as "a stark reminder of the stalemate that relations between Israelis and Palestinians seem to have reached." Published May 14, 2009

Pope prays to end Gaza embargo

Pope Benedict XVI urged Israel Wednesday to lift its embargo on the strife-ridden Gaza Strip and told Palestinians that he supports their quest for a sovereign homeland. Published May 13, 2009

Pope’s Hitler Youth past revived

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated a Mass at the garden of Gethsemane for thousands of pilgrims Tuesday and received a tumultuous welcome that raised the tone of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but repeated criticism in Israel forced Vatican officials to defend the pontiff's past. Published May 13, 2009

Pope prays at Muslim, Jewish sites

Pope Benedict XVI prayed at Muslim and Jewish holy sites at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Tuesday, calling on men and women to undertake dialogue to build "a world of justice and peace for coming generations." Published May 12, 2009

Pope backs 2-state solution

Pope Benedict XVI began an ultra-sensitive visit to Israel Monday by calling for a Palestinian state, and he later disappointed some Israelis by delivering a speech at the Holocaust memorial that its chairman claimed was a "missed opportunity" because it lacked a personal note of contrition. Published May 12, 2009

Pope wants Palestinian state

Pope Benedict XVI began his sensitive trip to Israel Monday with a denunciation of anti-semitism and an immediate call for a Palestinian state. Published May 11, 2009

Israel awaits papal visit

The Vatican's white and yellow flag with the keys of St. Peter motif line the streets of this ancient city ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's arrival Monday. Published May 11, 2009

Pope’s condom stance triggers opinion

The controversy over Pope Benedict XVI's rejection of condoms in fighting the AIDS epidemic keeps growing despite the warm response the octogenarian pontiff received on a trip to Africa last week. Published March 28, 2009

Italy to leverage its ties with Iran

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a close ally of former President George W. Bush, hopes Italy's ties with Iran will give it renewed cachet with Mr. Bush's successor, political analysts here say. Published March 6, 2009

Italy-Russia deal threatens U.S. business goals in Libya

A proposed joint venture in Libya between two energy giants, Italy's Eni and Russia's Gazprom, is posing an immediate headache for the first U.S. ambassador to take up residence in Tripoli in 36 years. Published January 8, 2009

Vatican’s Swiss Guard chief accused in rights furor

The colorful Swiss Guard that protects the pope is embroiled in controversy over charges that its new commander -- while a police chief in Switzerland -- ordered immigrant prisoners subjected sexual humiliation techniques. Published December 14, 2008

Three-star officers want raise

ROME | Dozens of recently appointed top Italian three-star generals and admirals demanded a pay raise last week even though the number of soldiers, sailors and airmen under their command has fallen by as much as half since Italy abolished compulsory military service five years ago. Published November 24, 2008

Pope seeks accord with Muslims

Pope Benedict XVI climaxed an unprecedented Muslim-Christian conference of clergy and scholars in the Vatican yesterday by urging both religions to defend common values, and he called for greater freedom of worship for non-Muslims in the Islamic world. Published November 7, 2008