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Joseph Szadkowski

Joseph Szadkowski

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in communications, Joseph Szadkowski has written about popular culture for The Washington Times for the past 25 years. He covers video games, comic books, new media and technology. 


Articles by Joseph Szadkowski

Ravens versus Steelers in the video game Madden NFL 13.

Zadzooks: Madden NFL 13 review (Xbox 360)

The latest innovations to a venerable sports video game franchise almost makes simply watching televised football an event of the past. Published September 6, 2012

Optimus Prime co-stars in the video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Zadzooks: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron review

High Moon Studios brilliantly brings to gamers some pivotal history in the Transformers mythology in a third-person action game starring members of Hasbro's legendary robotic toy line. Published August 31, 2012

Death stars in the video game Darksiders II.

Zadzooks: Darksiders II review

Death takes a working holiday to the Nether Realms in this satisfying third person, role-playing video game. Published August 27, 2012

Famed explorer Harry is constantly on the run in the iPad game Pitfall.

Zadzooks: Pitfall review (iPad)

A classic superstar from the 1980s celebrates his 30th anniversary in reimagined style courtesy of Apple's magical tablet. Published August 23, 2012

A mysterious, long-of-ear-but-short-of-memory warrior stars in the video game Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Zadzooks: Dust: An Elysian Tail review

A mysterious, long-of-ear-but-short-of-memory warrior stars in a video game rich in platforming tradition, classic painted animation and hack-and-slash combat. Published August 20, 2012

Wei Shen in action in the video game Sleeping Dogs.

Zadzooks: Sleeping Dogs review

Undercover cop Wei Shen allows gamers to infiltrate the seamy world of Chinese Triad gangs in this free roaming, third-person action game. Published August 14, 2012

Warchief Rok battles nasty spiders in the iPad game ORC: Vengeance.

Zadzooks: ORC: Vengeance review (iPad)

Mobile gamers looking for some compact role-playing thrills will savor a beautiful but violent dungeon crawling adventure starring an Orc warchief named Rok. Published August 3, 2012

Batman pounces in the iPad game The Dark Knight Returns.

Zadzooks: The Dark Knight Rises review (iPad)

This Batman game for the iPad shines through some intense third person combat that also mixes in the use of famed vehicles, varied side missions and plenty of stunning and ominous views of Gotham City. Published July 25, 2012

Zadzooks: The Joker (Hot Toys) figure review

Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime from Tim Burton's 1989 film "Batman" is immortalized through this highly detailed, 1:6 scale doll. Published July 15, 2012

Zadzooks: Spider-Man review (Blu-ray)

One of the best comic-book-hero-themed films ever made returns to the Blu-ray format, offering fans a chance to appreciate its popcorn-munching fun as well as a trivia challenge and digital clip editor. Published July 14, 2012

Spidey swings through New York City in the iPad game The Amazing Spider-Man.

Zadzooks: The Amazing Spider-Man review (iPad)

Marvel Comics' legendary web head finds himself swinging onto Apple's magical handheld gaming tablet and starring in a new adventure tied to his latest movie. Published July 13, 2012

Read, listen and play in the iPad app Brave: Storybook Deluxe.

Zadzooks: Brave: Storybook Deluxe (iPad) review

Youngsters caught up in the exploits of Disney-Pixar's animated Scottish heroine can borrow a parent's iPad to further read about and interact within her first adventure. Published June 23, 2012