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Kerry Picket

Kerry Picket

Kerry Picket is a senior congressional reporter for The Washington Times and fill-in radio host at SiriusXM Patriot 125. She previously covered the hill at other DC-based outlets including the Daily Caller and the Washington Examiner. Before that, she produced news for Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, wrote entertainment news for MTV Radio, and worked as a production assistant at She appears frequently as a guest commentator on cable news programs and syndicated radio shows. She can be reached at

Articles by Kerry Picket

"Bully" has inspired a movement called the "Bully Project" which tries to spread the word about the dangers of bullying through rallies and educational outreach. (

PICKET: Obsessing over Romney’s childhood

The government's anti-bullying campaign is getting kicked up a notch. Just before President Obama endorsed homosexual marriage, he endorsed legislation vastly expanding the federal role in fighting bullies, also at the behest of homosexual activists. While that may sound like a big deal, the reality is that government's anti-bullying efforts are a joke. Instead of worrying about Mitt Romney's alleged bullying 50 years ago, journalists should be asking why these programs are so ridiculous. Published May 16, 2012