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Refugees flee airstrikes, swell Pakistan tent cities

Tent cities swelled in the Pakistani city of Mardan on Thursday with the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing air strikes by the army attacking roaming Taliban enforcers in the Swat Valley. Published May 7, 2009

Taliban seizes Swat Valley hub

The peace deal between the Pakistani government and the Taliban all but collapsed Tuesday as militants took control of the Swat Valley's main town after a series of battles with Pakistani forces. Published May 6, 2009

Pakistanis flee Taliban battles

Thousands of residents are fleeing this northwestern Pakistani district in an exodus that belies government claims of success in its battle to drive out Taliban militants. Published May 4, 2009

Taliban leaves as Pakistan military threatens

The Taliban on Friday started withdrawing from Buner, a district close to the troubled Swat Valley and about 60 miles from the capital, Islamabad, as Pakistan's top political and military leadership warned of a possible military operation in the region. Published April 25, 2009