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Ryan M. McDermott

Articles by Ryan M. McDermott

Smart growth urban planning promotes walkable and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods that are accessible to younger, wealthier newcomers, but some policies ignore needs of longtime, lower-income residents. (Associated Press/File)

‘Smart growth’ discourages longtime, low-income residents

Advocates for "smart growth" have long extolled the virtues of creating green spaces, bike paths and pedestrian areas for the benefit of all city dwellers. But a report from the pro-business D.C. Policy Center shows that smart growth designs actually push out longtime, low-income residents to make way for younger, wealthier newcomers. Published June 8, 2017

Britney Corbett oversees a ninth-grade math at Washington Leadership Academy in Northeast D.C. The Washington Teachers' Union, which represents public school teachers in the nation's capital and is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, has voiced support for charter school unions. (The Washington Times/File)

Charter school teachers unions pushed

Teachers unions increasingly are trying to unionize charter schools nationwide, an effort school choice advocates say will stymie the mission and success the nontraditional schools have delivered to struggling school systems. Published June 6, 2017

Jennifer Mesa cleans up a bedroom in the home of Randy Tussing, an Airbnb host in Las Vegas. More than 340,000 people passed on Nevada's hotel rooms last year and opted instead to book a place to stay using the short-term rental service. (Associated Press)

Airbnb gives hotels competition with lower costs, fewer regulations

Travelers' choice between traditional lodging providers and upstart short-term rental services has upset the hotel industry, which claims Airbnb and similar operations unfairly cut into its market share with unregulated accommodations and unlicensed vendors. Published May 25, 2017

The D.C. Council is considering a bill sponsored by Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 Democrat, that would create a special business license for residents who rent their homes to short-term visitors. (Associated Press/File)

Share Better DC ad leads to Airbnb FTC complaint

An industry group opposing D.C. legislation to regulate Airbnb-style short-term lodging has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission claiming an ad promoting the measure is deceptive and misleading. Published May 18, 2017