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Tim Lemke

Tim Lemke

Articles by Tim Lemke

Under Armour on track

SportsBiz: Company unveils new line of running shoe. Published February 5, 2009

Coca-Cola, Pepsi in Super ad battle

Super Bowl XLIII may be a battle between conference champions, but the game's commercial breaks could turn into a showdown between two of the country's most iconic brands. Published February 1, 2009

First down

TWT Five: Top reasons Hoyas might be headed to the NIT> Published January 30, 2009

A rewarding recession

With the recession battering many sports leagues and their teams, the NHL and its Washington franchise are hanging tough. Published January 29, 2009

Value at all costs

SportsBiz: Recession could force a delicate balancing act for teams. Published January 29, 2009

Dibble enters Nats booth

Former "Nasty Boy" is new color analyst on club's broadcasts. Published January 28, 2009

First Down

Best of the weekend: Terps and Devils, NHL All-Star Game. Published January 23, 2009

Beninati a national voice

As the Washington Capitals' fortunes have risen, so too has Joe Beninati's national profile. Published January 22, 2009

Obama’s love of sports could alter D.C.’s profile

There is the seemingly ubiquitous Chicago White Sox cap. The pickup basketball games. The dalliances with billiards, bowling and golf. } President Barack Obama, perhaps like no other chief executive in history, loves his sports. And his arrival in the District has many in the sports industry atwitter about the possibility of raising the city's athletic profile. Published January 21, 2009

NBC hits jackpot

SportsBiz: Network likely to draw record revenue from Super Bowl. Published January 21, 2009

A deep field Down Under

After a year of rankings leapfrog, the Olympics and an epic match on the lawn in London, the world's best tennis players are ready to go at it again in the season's first Grand Slam. Published January 18, 2009

First Down

Best of the weekend: Steelers, Ravens, Hoyas and Devils Published January 16, 2009

Ratings recession proof

SportsBiz: NFL numbers still highest in sports, by far. Published January 14, 2009

First Down

Best of the weekend. Published January 9, 2009

In search of substance

SportsBiz: Drug-testing procedures need some tweaks. Published January 7, 2009

Glaring error

For many Capitals fans, it was an absolute outrage. Coach Bruce Boudreau called it "dumb." Published January 6, 2009