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Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson covers politics and the West from Denver. She can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Valerie Richardson

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said Tuesday she was "deeply sorry" for her agency's wastewater spill from Colorado's Gold King Mine. (Associated Press)

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy 'deeply sorry' for wastewater spill

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy broke her silence Tuesday on the agency's wastewater spill from Colorado's Gold King Mine by saying she was "deeply sorry," but that wasn't enough to stave off a demand for congressional oversight into the accident and the agency's fumbled reaction. Published August 11, 2015

About 1 million gallons of wastewater from Colorado's Gold King Mine began spilling into the Animas River on Wednesday when a cleanup crew supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally breached a debris dam inside the mine. (Associated Press)

River users want EPA to be held accountable for its own toxic spill

The EPA is known for its hard line on environmental offenders, but its own accountability is being challenged after its agents unleashed a disastrous toxic spill threatening water supplies in four Western states and two Indian reservations. Published August 9, 2015

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during the annual State of the State address at the Capitol in Montgomery on March 3, 2015. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Alabama Gov. Bentley defunds Planned Parenthood affiliate

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced Thursday that he has cut the state's funding to Planned Parenthood, making his the third state to defund the organization since last month's release of alarming undercover videos. Published August 6, 2015

The New Hampshire vote, coming over the objections of Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, comes as the latest example of the backlash against Planned Parenthood following the release of five undercover videos raising alarm over the organization's involvement in the trade of fetal organs from abortions. (Associated Press)

New Hampshire defunds Planned Parenthood facilities

Chris Sununu is a pro-choice Republican, but when he voted Wednesday to defund Planned Parenthood clinics in New Hampshire, he viewed it as a vote in favor of women's health, not against. Published August 5, 2015