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Free college tuition to help work force

Tulsa County, Okla., is attracting the attention of educators across the country with a new scholarship program that has dramatically boosted college attendance by guaranteeing free tuition to all high school graduates. Published August 6, 2008

Couple find way to tame Bridezilla

When Aaron Hall, 29, proposed to Kristen Carter a year ago, neither expected their approaching union would produce a monster. Published August 3, 2008

Prisoner bracelet promotion got threats

A defense company has taken off its Web site a two-year-old letter from the Department of Homeland Security touting an electronic bracelet as a way to safely transport prisoners. Published July 29, 2008

'Made in USA' starts to make a return

In the wake of a decades-long manufacturing exodus overseas, the climbing cost of outsourcing has some U.S. companies looking homeward. Published July 28, 2008

Lean, green and interning

When the register's running total reached $29.50, Brandon Carmack knew the frozen chicken would have to go. "Man,this sounds ridiculous, but I'm just going to have to pass on the chicken," Mr. Carmack, an intern at the Heritage Foundation, told a clerk at Trader Joe's. Published July 21, 2008

Shock bracelet for airlines?

The Department of Homeland Security two years ago considered the use of "safety bracelets" that can deliver a debilitating shock similar to that of a Taser for controlling prisoners during transport. Published July 10, 2008

Fireworks fizzle as costs skyrocket

Backlogged orders from Chinese manufacturers and the spike in costs of imported fireworks are squeezing fireworks companies across the country, with some towns canceling displays because fireworks are too expensive. Published July 3, 2008

Workday never done

Beside a stack of poker chips and a hand of cards, a BlackBerry lay on the green felt table. When radio producer Cameron Gray vacations in Las Vegas, he keeps his BlackBerry on hand to track the hundreds of work e-mails he receives every day. But the technology that helps him keep tabs on work is also hurting his ability to leave work alone. He checks for e-mails constantly - even between poker hands - when he's on vacation, a habit his wife, Stacey Kane, 38, laughs about and calls "excessive." Published June 30, 2008

Drinkers, gardeners rank D.C. tops

The typical Washington day starts off with a cup of coffee and winds down with a cocktail and some gardening, a study suggests. Published June 30, 2008

Building a business

Amid the din of hammers and saws, a young girl and her father worked from a how-to magazine to build a loft bed in the girl´s tiny bedroom. When she grew up, she thought, she wanted to be a carpenter. Published June 30, 2008