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Sandler is a surname derived from Hebrew "Sandlar" (סנדלר) - "sandal-maker", i.e. shoemaker - which passed over to Yiddish with the same meaning. Thus, persons having this name are likely to have had a shoemaker among their ancestors, though it might be many generations in the past. Holders of the name include: * Adam Sandler (born 1966), American actor and comedian* Barry Sandler, American screenwriter and film producer* Ethan Sandler (born 1973), American actor* Herb Sandler, American banker* Jackie Sandler (born 1974), American actress and wife of Adam Sandler* Jonathan Sandler (1982-2012), French rabbi assassinated on March 19th, 2012 with his two sons during the 2012 Midi-Pyrénées shootings in Toulouse * Joseph Sandler, Washington, D.C. attorney * Larry Sandler, American geneticist* Rickard Sandler (1884–1964), Prime Minister of Sweden (1925–1926)* Ron Sandler, new boss of Northern Rock* Tony Sandler (born 1933), Belgian singer, entertainer and performer - Source: Wikipedia

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