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On Twitter, Romney, Obama backers trade bumper-sticker barbs

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Mitt Romney backers are having a lot of fun on Twitter coming up with anti-Obama bumper sticker zingers — enough, in fact, to make the topic one of the top movers today on the social media site.

Here’s a sample of some of the online punditry:

Janie Johnson‏@jjauthor: “A million people attended O’s inauguration — but only 12 missed work!”

The People’s Cube‏@ThePeoplesCube: “Caution — Driver makes wide LEFT turns.”

Teresa‏@pinkartgurl59: “I Drive Fast and Furious.”

Dominic Carrafiello@DCarrafiello: “No Hope, can you spare some Change?”

Crispin Armon Gipson‏@critterman76: “Honk if you’re jobless!”

Paul Tully@Papatul has this Obama sticker: “The only place I’m willing to DRILL is your WALLET.”

Not everyone, of course, is playing along with the Republicans — the president’s defenders are counter-tweeting their own Romney number sticker suggestions.

Mary W. Matthews‏@MWM4444: “One of my cars is your retirement plan.”

Peter Flom‏@peterflom: “You pay taxes so I don’t have to.”

And LivingLiberally‏@LiberallyLiving offers this one for Romney fans: “Caution: Dog on Roof.”

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