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Biden: 'I'm good at being No. 2'

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Vice President Joe Biden gave himself a little pat on the back today during a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.

He may not have been much of a presidential candidate — he lost both times he ran in 2007 and 1988 — but he’s a heck of a No. 2.

“You know, there’s only a few people, including Iowans, who have been to all 99 counties,” he told a group of women during a stop at a farmers’ market. “I’m one of them. All you got to do is run for president and you’ll be in all 99 counties.”

But, he admitted to having a hard time collecting votes during all of that stumping.

“I spent 120 days in Iowa,” he said, referring to his effort to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2007 before dropping out Jan. 3, 2008. “You saw how effective I am. You know what I mean? But I’m a good vice president.”

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