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GOP bill would highlight Obamacare security breaches

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Rep. Diane Black on Monday introduced a bill that would require federal officials to let Americans know if their personal data has been breached on a federal Web system tied to the new health care law.

Mrs. Black, a Tennessee Republican who is a fierce critic of President Obama’s health reforms, pitched the legislation as a “common-sense reform” to address the steady trickle of security concerns that surround the online portals tied to Obamacare.

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“Whether through navigators with no background checks, or inadequate security testing on their website, the Obama administration has thrown Americans’ data security out the window when it comes to Obamacare,” she said.

The Obama administration has insisted that the data hub tied to the federal health exchange system, which connects residents of 36 states with private health coverage options, is secure.

But rampant Web glitches, error-filled reports to insurers and a report that at least one navigator encouraged an applicant to falsify his financial information to get a better subsidy from the government have prompted Republican lawmakers to sound the alarm.

About a month after the exchanges’ Oct. 1 launch, a father in North Carolina said he logged onto the website and was able to view a notice containing a South Carolina man’s name, address and eligibility for subsidies.

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