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But Allen Fabijan, spokesman for Guadalajara Mexican restaurant and nightclub, said Wednesday that he had video that contradicted Woodward’s timeline.

The time-stamped footage from a surveillance camera outside the entrance of the club shows a car with Vick inside leaving at 2:07 a.m. — about 4 minutes before the shooting a block away.

The waiting car with Vick inside pulled away at about 2:07 a.m. heading in the direction of the eventual shooting. Numerous people were visible lingering in front of the club for several minutes until, at 2:10:55, they appear to be startled, with some ducking for cover.

Bernstein, who said authorities have a copy of the video, said the first 911 call about the shooting was received at 2:11.

Fabijan said police have asked him not to release the video, but he allowed the AP to view the grainy footage.

Vick’s face is not discernible; a man wearing white that Fabijan said is Vick appears moving toward a parked car at 2:04 a.m. A crowd quickly gathered, and Fabijan said Vick accommodated fans trying to get an autograph, to pose for a photo or to shake hands — so much so that a club security guard eventually moved in in an effort to disperse the crowd.