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Back for the second half, and Dirk Nowitzki is back in the scoring column.

Nowitzki hit his first shot of the second half, then another short jumper as the Mavs opened a five-point lead early in the third quarter.

He was just 1 for 12 for three points in the first half, a shockingly poor performance considering how good he’s been in this series and throughout the postseason.

Meanwhile, LeBron James has two points since scoring nine of Miami’s first 14.

You have to figure one of these two former MVPs will turn it around in the second half.

The way this series has gone, the logical pick would be Dirk.


If you’re the Dallas Mavericks, you’re thrilled you’re up two with next to nothing from Dirk Nowitzki.

Or maybe you’re mad that you let a big lead get away so quickly.

It’s 53-51 Mavs at halftime, thanks mostly to 19 points off the bench by Jason Terry.

Nowitzki is 1 for 12 for three points, so Steve Nash is definitely a better passer than predictor. He tweeted earlier today that he thought the German would have a monster game.

Well, It’s ugly, but definitely not a monster.

And that’s part of the reason the lead is so little. The Mavs were up 12 early in the second quarter but quickly gave it all away by allowing a 14-0 run _ while LeBron James was on the bench.

A lead on the road at halftime of an elimination game is something you gladly take.

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