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Remember when Chris Bosh couldn’t do anything right in these NBA finals?

Happier days for the Mavericks, indeed.

Bosh has 14 points so far, and the Heat lead 34-29 with 6:50 left in the second quarter of Game 4 in Dallas. He’s made seven shots from the field. The Mavs have made 10.

Neither team is shooting well at all, with both clubs hovering around 40 percent.

What’s telling in this building is this: The Mavs fans are almost all seated. That wasn’t the case early. Barely responding to much of anything, honestly. Unsure if it’s nerves or what, but the passion that was there an hour ago isn’t showing up anywhere near as strongly now.


Jason Terry has backed up his talk.

The man who raised some eyebrows by wondering aloud on Monday if LeBron James would wear down in these finals _ and who was urged by Dirk Nowitzki to do more for the Mavs _ is off to a big start for Dallas in Game 4.

Terry has seven points off the bench, and Dallas and Miami are tied after the first quarter at 21-all. More good news for the Mavs: Brendan Haywood checked in late in the period, going to see what he can do with that ailing right hip.

The Mavs gave Miami some gifts late, first when Terry missed a pair of free throws, then when Rick Carlisle picked up a technical for arguing that LeBron James wasn’t fouled with 18.8 seconds left. Mario Chalmers made the ‘T’ free throw to tie it, and James hit a pair to give Miami its first lead, 21-19.

JJ Barea tied it with a pair of FTs with 5.5 seconds left.

A few more pregame quotes for you from the locker rooms:

_ Carlisle: “We gotta win a grit and guts game tonight. They gotta see waves of white coming at them all night long. I’ll make sure we got fresh bodies in the game.”

_ Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: “There can’t be a weak link … not tonight. It is a primal game.”

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