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Eddie House is getting his first playing time of the NBA finals for the Heat.

Smart move for a lot of reasons.

One, everyone who’s around this team can tell something is not right with James Jones, who has his back wrapped during every game, but no pronouncement of any back injury. House is an energy and speed guy, which the Heat want even more of against the Mavs.

Plus, House getting to his spots might extend the floor and help Dwyane Wade and LeBron James even more, especially since Wade is making his money going to the rim in this series.

Wade is grabbing at his left hip a lot, however. Trying to stay loose through the bruise, and adrenaline might be the only good medicine now.

Sort of the same deal so far as Game 4. Dallas is balanced, a lot of guys involved. Wade and Chris Bosh have 24 for Miami. LeBron update: Still at six points.

Miami 50, Dallas 46, 4:34 left in the half.


Dwyane Wade has a bruised left hip and will try to play through the pain.

Wade went to the locker room about a minute after getting shaken up in a collision with Dallas’ Brian Cardinal during Game 5 of the NBA finals.

Wade was taken out of the game with 2:58 left in the opening quarter, about a minute after he and Cardinal collided as the 2006 NBA finals MVP was driving. He returned to the Heat bench with 8:52 left in the second quarter, walking gingerly, and went back onto the court as play resumed.

Wade had eight points for the Heat before getting shaken up.

Stay tuned: Even with him ailing, Miami’s up 42-39 with 8:20 left in the first half. LeBron James has six points so far; Tyson Chandler has nine for the Mavs.


Mario Chalmers did it again.

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