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A running 3-pointer at the buzzer of the first quarter gave the Heat a 31-30 lead after the opening period of Game 5 of the NBA finals. He hit another buzzerbeater to close the opening period in Game 3 as well. So with that, the defense-first NBA finals have been flipped upside down.

Neither team had a 30-point quarter in the first four games of these finals, so of course, both ended that streak at once.

The bigger news here is Dwyane Wade. He appears to have been banged up in a collision with Brian Cardinal and is in the locker room getting checked out. No official word yet on what’s happening.


Storm weathered, again.

Dallas 23, Miami 19, 2:58 left in the first quarter. Dwyane Wade has eight so far for the Heat, who looked like they were going down by nine when Shawn Marion appeared to have a clear path to the rim. LeBron James erased his shot, starting a break that Wade finished with a quick hoop.

Mavs shooting 60 percent, with six different players having at least one field goal in the first 9 minutes. Always a good sign for teams to get lots of guys involved early.

LeBronwatch update: He has two points, meaning he needs eight more to stretch his streak of consecutive double-figures games to … one. He does seem more aggressive, yes. It’s just not translating into what most people expected _ him taking a ton of early shots.

Anyway, both teams have settled in.


Early edge: Dallas.

In terms of aggression.

In terms of poise.

In, well, just about any term you want to use.

Dallas 13, Miami 6, 7:12 left in the 1st quarter. LeBron James is 1 for 3 from the floor, the make being a runout dunk. Jason Kidd looks 28 instead of 38, controlling the game so far with five points and two steals. Dirk Nowitzki is settling in nicely, having just made a jumper after misfiring on his first two tries.

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