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Backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, a former Raider, said Palmer fits Oakland’s offensive style.

“It’s going to be a good situation,” Gradkowski said. “The organization is going in the right direction out there, and it’s good for Carson to get back and playing some football. They definitely have some talent, and those receivers can run. We’re not too focused on that around here.”

Lewis said that rookie quarterback Andy Dalton’s solid play in the first six games made Brown more comfortable with trading Palmer. Dalton said on Tuesday that he never felt like his performance would figure in what happened with Palmer.

“I knew coming in here that he wasn’t going to be here and that the job was going to be open,” Dalton said. “It’s nothing that I’ve worried about.”

Palmer’s former teammates said they hold no grudges.

“I think guys respect him,” Whitworth said. “You realize that he didn’t want to be here and he didn’t believe in this place, and you go forward. You still respect him as a friend and the years we put in together, but you realize that he just made a choice he felt was best for him and his family.”

Lewis appreciated the way Palmer pressed his case for a trade behind the scenes, avoiding media interviews and public posturing.

“I think Carson has handled this like the man he is,” Lewis said, “and that’s been great.”