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FS Oshiomogho Atogwe made his best play on the ball to date. Atogwe, who was advertised as a ball hawk that forces turnovers, still hasn’t forced one, but he did break up a potential touchdown by closing on WR Laurent Robinson in the end zone near the right sideline. Atogwe never turned his head, but he did help dislodge the ball from Robinson’s tenuous grasp. Perhaps Miles Austin makes that catch if he’s playing, but Atogwe gets credit here.


RB Felix Jones broke off a 40-yard run early in the fourth quarter after a curious play by OLB Rob Jackson, who was in for a cramping Brian Orakpo. On second-and-4 from Dallas’ 25, Jones ran a counter, cutting back to the left behind FB Tony Fiammetta. Both Jackson and SS LaRon Landry came off the right edge of the defense into the backfield. Fiammetta initially moved to block Jackson but ultimately changed course and blocked down on Landry.

Jackson, however, appeared to lock in on Fiammetta instead of play the ball carrier. Jackson followed through by lowering his shoulder and hitting the fullback. The result was that Fiammetta blocked both Landry and Jackson. Jones turned the corner untouched. It’s impossible to be sure of Jackson’s responsibility on that play without asking him about it, but there clearly was a breakdown of some kind.

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