- - Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chicago and Detroit are textbook examples of the failure of liberalism. Detroit went after every government spending project that could be conceived. Today, it is a modern Pompeii, minus the volcano.

People pay money to tour the ruins of Detroit.

Chicago is not far behind. Liberal policies have driven the middle class from the Windy City, leaving only large swaths of poverty and a few zones inhabited by the very wealthy.

Economically, Chicago is only 10 years or maybe fewer behind Detroit in its race toward fiscal oblivion.

But there is one huge difference between Detroit and Chicago. There is one area in which Detroit is showing sanity and perhaps hope for the future.

Chicago has some of the most draconian gun control laws in the nation. Recently in Chicago, 22 people were shot in a 12-hour period, including a 12-year-old girl who was attending a sleepover.

Stories of gun violence in Chicago are so common no one even notices anymore. Gun violence in Chicago now is the punch line of late-night TV host jokes.

But a funny thing has happened in Detroit.

Faced with the absolute, stark, cold reality that the police department could not answer anywhere near the number of calls about violent crime they were receiving, Detroit Police Chief James Craig in January made news and shocked liberals when he said Detroit residents should use guns to protect themselves.

Chief Craig’s call was stunning. Most police chiefs are simply appointed by city mayors, which means they simply parrot the line on gun control the left-wing mayors offer.

Chief Craig showed courage when he called for the citizens of his city to defend themselves.

What has been the result?

So far in 2014, robberies are down by 37 percent, burglaries by 22 percent and carjackings by 30 percent.

Liberals have no explanation for the fact that their policies don’t work and conservative policies do. When the Detroit News asked the Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, its spokesman sniffed that more guns mean more crime.

The Detroit story is not making the news. The liberal media try their hardest to avoid stories about violence in Chicago, but the epidemic of shootings there makes it impossible.

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