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  • Cuban blogger's news site hacked after going live

    Cuba's first major independent general-interest news outlet in five decades was hacked on Wednesday shortly after being launched by the country's best-known dissident blogger.

  • Cuba arrests 4 exiles, alleges terror plot

    Four Cuban exiles from Miami are being held for planning "terrorist actions" against military targets on the island, Havana authorities said Wednesday in announcing the first such arrests in years.

  • FILE - In this Nov. 27, 2012 file photo provided by U.S. lawyer James L. Berenthal, jailed American Alan Gross poses for a photo during a visit by Rabbi Elie Abadie and Berenthal at Finlay military hospital in Havana, Cuba. Gross, a U.S. government subcontractor imprisoned in Cuba, released a statement through his lawyer Tuesday, April 8, 2014, saying he began fasting to protest his treatment by the governments of Cuba and the United States. (AP Photo/James L. Berenthal, File)

    Cuba 'concerned' over American's hunger strike

    The Cuban government said Wednesday it is concerned about a jailed U.S. government subcontractor's hunger strike, which he began last week to protest both Havana's and Washington's handling of his case.

  • 'Cuban Twitter' a new hurdle for bloggers, exiles

    The revelation that a U.S. government-funded program set up a cellphone-based social network in Cuba is likely to pose new challenges for independent bloggers and exile groups that work to increase access to technology.

  • US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest

    In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a U.S. government official, flew to Barcelona to put the final touches on a secret plan to build a social media project aimed at undermining Cuba's communist government.

  • Cuban-Americans react to secret Twitter project

    Cuban-Americans are divided over the revelation by The Associated Press that the U.S. government spent millions of dollars to secretly create a "Cuban Twitter" designed to undermine the island's communist government.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ready to fly the Cuban coop

    Jose Cardenas does a wonderful job bringing to light the Cuban government's method of dealing with dissidents who challenge its suppression of freedom on the island in his column "Exposing a shady cover-up in Cuba" (Commentary, March 22). He did such a great job that I could not keep his piece out of my mind a few weeks ago when I had the privilege of hearing Yoani Sanchez speak about the lack of freedom in Cuba.

  • Cuba criticizes Twitter for Fidel death rumor

    State media on Wednesday accused the social networking site Twitter of helping spread a rumor that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro had died, and criticized anti-Castro expatriates it dubbed "necrophiliac counterrevolutionaries" for jumping on the story.

  • Pedro Pablo Oliva (Associated Press)

    Cubans test official limits on criticism

    President Raul Castro has called on Cubans to air their opinions openly, as his government tries to revive the struggling economy with economic reforms. However officials have sent mixed signals about where it draws the invisible frontier between loyal criticism and what they consider to be dangerous attacks on the system.

  • Pablo Milanes looks forward to first Miami gig

    Cuban musician Pablo Milanes says he chose to play in Miami this summer for the first time because it is home to so many Cubans and Latin Americans. Yet for years, he had stayed away from the city for precisely the same reason.

  • ** FILE ** Luis Posada Carriles talks to a reporter in Miami in November 2010. Mr. Posada, 82, is accused of lying under oath to federal officials during immigration hearings in El Paso and faces 11 counts of perjury, obstruction and immigration fraud. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

    Judge delays trial of ex-CIA agent

    A federal judge on Tuesday delayed for another week the perjury trial of an elderly ex-CIA agent while she considers defense claims that prosecutors deliberately delayed turning over documents that showed a witness had worked for Cuban counterintelligence.

  • Envoy accused of aiding dissent

    Cuba accused the top U.S. diplomat in the country yesterday of delivering mail to political dissidents that contained money from a Miami-based anti-Castro exile group whose leader is in jail in the U.S. on weapons charges.

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