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  • FBI agents carry boxes and a computer from the home of Paula Broadwell, the woman whose affair with retired Gen. David Petraeus led to his resignation as CIA director, in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

    Former spy catcher doubts classified material safe

    A former head of U.S. counterintelligence is questioning President Obama's claim there has been, so far, no evidence of any release of damaging classified information from the sex scandal that prompted David H. Petraeus to resign as CIA director last week.

  • Foreign spies, even allies, hit U.S. with cyberattacks

    Foreign spies, including U.S. "allies and partners," are stealing the nation's vital industrial and commercial secrets by infiltrating computer networks, according to a report from the top U.S. spy catcher.

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  • "I am concerned that [the swap] happened so quickly and that we'll pay a price," said Ms. Van Cleave said.

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  • "We have to do a damage assessment, and when you do a damage assessment, you want to have access to the individuals involved for an extended period of time so you can get new leads and ask questions," said Michelle Van Cleave, former national counterintelligence executive, a senior counterspy policymaking post.

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