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  • Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.s' opinion in Riley v. California is likely to have long-term implications for cellphone data collection. (associated press)

    Phone snoop ruling sets precedent on technology

    Rulings on contraception and recess appointments may have grabbed bigger headlines, but the Supreme Court's decision last month requiring police to get a warrant before snooping through someone's cellphone is likely to have a bigger lasting impact.

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  • "There have now been three cases in the last couple years raising significant Fourth Amendment issues in the new digital age, and the government has now lost all three of them unanimously," said Nathan Freed Wessler, staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union. "I think it's a strong signal that the court is paying close attention to the need to develop 21st century rules for 21st century searches."

    Phone snoop ruling sets precedent on technology →

  • Mr. Wessler said if that stands, it means the government could gain access to the most intimate of information without needed a warrant.

    Phone snoop ruling sets precedent on technology →

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