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  • RAHN: A towering success story

    America is the story of people arising from adverse circumstances, achieving great success

  • Economic thinking

    Historical costs, sometimes called sunk costs, are irrelevant to decisionmaking because they have already been incurred. That's not intuitively obvious, even for some trained economists.

  • Straight thinking 101

    Just about the most difficult lesson for first-year economics students, and sometimes graduate students, is that economic theory, and for that matter any scientific theory, is positive or nonnormative.

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  • Mr. Williams quoted Van Jones, Mr. Obama's former "green jobs" czar, claiming the Romney campaign slogan "Obama Isn't Working" implies he is a "lazy, incompetent affirmative-action baby" rather than just a lazy, incompetent leader.

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  • Black economist Walter E. Williams has argued that Mr. Obama is held to a lower standard than white politicians.

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