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  • Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman told a Senate Panel on Tuesday that U.S. officials have informed foreign companies looking to do business in Iran that "we will in fact go after them, that we will sanction them ... if they evade our sanctions." (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

    State official: Iran 'not open for business'

    Washington's top diplomat for Iranian nuclear negotiations stressed on Tuesday that the recent easing of U.S. sanctions on the Islamic republic is "limited" and "temporary," and threatened to "go after" foreign companies rushing to do business with Tehran in sectors where restrictions are still in place.

  • Vidal-Quadras

    Embassy Row: 'Excuse for attack'

    A vice president of the European Parliament is complaining that comments by two State Department officials are being used for propaganda by Iran as it tries to crush exiled dissidents in Iraqi refugee camps.

  • "There is a vigorous opposition in Venezuela, but the choice is really for the people of Venezuela. It is not a choice for us to make as to where their country will go."
- Wendy Sherman, State Department Undersecretary

    Chavez's second surgery successful, vice president says

    Hugo Chavez's most recent cancer surgery was successful, his vice president said Tuesday, as international attention again focuses on the Venezuelan leader's health as he prepares a re-election bid in October.

  • RETURNING:Wendy Sherman is leaving the private sector for a return to the State Department, where she must distance herself from former clients. (Associated Press)

    Undersecretary nominee at State Department returns to revolving door

    For those seeking an example of the revolving door between government and the private sector at the State Department, one need look no further than President Obama's recent nominee for the position of undersecretary for political affairs.

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  • Iran, she said last weekend, may need a small nuclear program for "practical needs," and while she "would like there to be zero enrichment," that is an "unlikely" expectation.

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  • Wendy Sherman, the under secretary of state for political affairs, said the Obama administration's concern over the matter is so high that Secretary of State John F. Kerry recently warned France's foreign minister that a visit by French business leaders to Iran this week was "not helpful."

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