The Washington Times - August 16, 2011, 03:01PM

From today’s Washington Times:  Mr. Largent, a former Hall of Fame receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, talked about the growing demand for spectrum, the need for the government to stop targeting the wireless industry with what he says are unfair taxes, his concerns about net neutrality and his confidence that a wave of mergers won’t kill competition.

Speaking just hours after a pending merger with Google and Motorola was announced, Mr. Largent said the industry is as competitive as ever.


Spectrum is one of the biggest concerns for the wireless industry right now, he said, while holding an early cellphone to demonstrate how far the industry has come in the last decade.

As smartphones shift from being primarily calling devices to multimedia tools, spectrum is becoming more coveted. It allows carriers to offer more of these data services, such as Internet, video and music, at faster network speeds.  (more) 


How concerned are you about who controls the spectrum and where demand needs to be met first?  Is this something that we should all understand?  How dependent are you on your cell phone, smart phone or tablet?  Is this a trend or are we heading fully down the path of technology dependence?