The Washington Times - August 22, 2011, 03:23PM

Sen writes in today’s Washington Times

Moammar Gadhafi’s eldest son escaped from rebel captivity during a firefight in Tripoli on Monday, as he was being interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corp., rebel sources said.  Mohammed Gadhafi, who was under house arrest after surrendering to rebels on Sunday, was talking to the BBC by telephone when gunfire erupted in his house and the phone line was cut. “They’re in my house shooting,” Mr. Gadhafi said.  He is believed to have escaped in the ensuing melee. Earlier Monday heavy fighting between Libyan rebels and forces still loyal to Col. Gadhafi broke around the Rixos Hotel in downtown Tripoli where foreign journalists have been staying.  One source told The Washington Times that Col. Gadhafi might be hiding out in the hotel, which is connected to his military compound through a network of tunnels. That would explain the heavy fighting around the Rixos. They could be using the foreign journalists as human shields,” said the Libyan source on the condition of anonymity. (more)