The Washington Times - November 3, 2009, 10:11AM

As Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, oversees the markup of her centerpiece cap-and-trade legislation Tuesday morning, it’s a sure bet that Carly Fiorina will be taking notes.

Although the Republican Fiorina has yet to announce her candidacy for California’s 2010 Senate race, Mrs. Fiorina has been drawing attention to Mrs. Boxer’s management of the legislation. Mrs. Fiorina’s Twitter account, for example, has been linking news stories from the New York Times, Politico and Gay Patriot that highlight Mrs. Boxer’s lack of success gaining support for bill among moderate Democrats and the GOP, often with the phrase “ineffective Boxer.”


When asked how much cap-and-trade would be a factor in her yet-to-be announced campaign, Carly for California spokeswoman Julie Soderlund was coy, but hinted strongly that the announcement was coming soon and it would be discussed.

“We don’t want to spoil the surprise of what Carly has planned for later this week, but suffice it to say, if Barbara Boxer is planning to run for re-election free of scrutiny of her exceedingly thin record, her utter failure to lead, and her track record of bitter and ineffective partisanship, she’ll be sorely disappointed,” she said.

GOP California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced his candidacy for the Senate seat months ago. He will vie against Mrs. Fiorina for the Republican Senate nomination in the California primary.