The Washington Times - September 12, 2009, 07:49PM

    I probably have not met the Rev. Scott Benhase, but just today he got elected on the second ballot as the new Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Georgia. His church, St. Alban’s, is next door to the Washington Cathedral.

   According to Episcopal News Service, Mr. Benhase, 52, beat a field of six nominees. He received 76 votes of 146 cast in the lay order and 58 of 103 cast in the clergy order. An election on that ballot required 74 in the
lay order and 53 in the clergy order.

The election took place during the diocese’s 188th annual convention at the
Dubose Porter Center, a business and training center in Dublin, Georgia. If he gets the required number of consents from 100 some domestic Episcopal dioceses (and it is very rare that a person does not), he should be consecrated this coming January. 


  I regret to say I am in Minneapolis right now at a conference of religion news writers so can’t do much more on this but here is the ENS link where you can read more. 

- Julia Duin, religion editor