The Washington Times - March 25, 2010, 02:06PM

   We’ve all heard about the racist and anti-gay comments lobbed at legislators Sunday as they walked to the Capitol to pass the health care bill. So this morning, Operation Rescue, a pro-life Christian group, released this statement pointing out hate flows both ways.

   Listen to the recording on their site that contains obscenities and death threats, among other things, that flowed into their Wichita, Kansas, office recently.


   Reminds me of a conversation I had about a decade ago with an ex-gay activist who told me how his organization’s toll-free line was targeted by a gay group that set up an automatic calling mechanism that kept the line continually busy to the point where no one else could call in on it. He knew who the perpetrators were because he’d managed to trace the calls. He was going to give me the phone records so I could write a piece on it but he moved out of the area and so the opportunity was lost.

  There is, of course, never any excuse for bigotry or hateful comments. I just wish some of the columnists who’ve waxed eloquent on this most recent matter at the Capitol were as vigilant when it comes to the left attacking the right.

— Julia Duin, religion editor