The Washington Times - December 4, 2007, 01:10PM
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continued his talk about Iran today news of the NIE hitting his rivals Iran completing his goal former Sen. Mike Gravel censoring her dad
“Censorship has been one of the key issues of the presidential primary season so far. Despite being cut out of two critical DNC-sanctioned debates by the media and the Democratic leadership, have you seen how Mike has still shaped the dialogue on the most important issues of today? The most important question of the Las Vegas debate was a mom asking, “Will my son be redeployed to Iran?” This was a direct response to Mike calling out Hillary on Sept. 26 for her vote giving Bush the power to go to war against Iran. Mike got it started, and then Obama and Edwards got a clue. Mike was on it from the start!\ …\ “Help us raise the funds that are vital to keeping Mike challenging “Politics as Usual.” Gather friends for a Friendraiser/Fundraiser. Make it fun. Show your favorite Youtube campaign videos.\ DONATE TODAY what you would spend on a latte or a movie.\ Remember that DEC. 5 IS MASS DONATION DAY for Mike Gravel, so please help us keep the fight alive.\ You can make a difference. We can all do this, if we act together.\ …\ With peace and sustainability,\ Lynne
NPR Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times