The Washington Times - October 18, 2007, 02:34PM
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In response to reports that Senator Clinton is planning a “Rural Americans for Hillary” lunch and campaign briefing at the DC offices of Troutman Sanders Public Affairs, the lobbying firm for Monsanto, John Edwards for President communications director Chris Kofinis released the following statement:\ \ \ “While John Edwards was in rural Iowa yesterday talking about his plans to help family farmers, the Clinton campaign was in Washington, DC planning an event with the lobbyists from the biggest corporate agriculture company in the world. The difference between John Edwards and Hillary Clinton could not be more clear. Here’s some news for the Clinton campaign, when folks in rural Iowa talk about the problems with hog lots, they don’t mean parking lots on K Street.\ \ \ “John Edwards believes family-owned farms are critical to America’s future and that the corporate greed that’s killing the family farm is hurting America. Apparently, Hillary Clinton doesn’t feel the same way. While John Edwards has introduced policies to ensure family farmers can compete against big agribusiness, protect the food we eat and preserve farming communities, Hillary Clinton, beholden to Washington lobbyists, is tailoring her rural policy to reflect the needs of big agribusiness. While corporate America and lobbyists may want someone like Clinton in the White House, regular Americans are ready for someone who will stand up for them and fight for real change.”
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times