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MARYSVILLE, OHIO Sen. Joe Biden seems like he’s having a blast on the campaign trail so far.


He’s addressed some massive crowds compared to his Iowa run (8,000 Friday night and 18,000 tonight in Dublin) and is getting praised by his running mate at every turn.


In a few hours Day Three of the Obama-Biden bus tour begins when they stop at church together. The ticket splits up Monday so Biden can head to his childhood hometown of Scranton.


I have a story in the morning’s paper looking at how Biden’s role has shaped up so far.

DUBLIN, Ohio | Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is making his debut on the campaign trail this weekend with a populist roar and his signature say-anything style.

Mr. Biden has appealed to voters here and in Pennsylvania with a laser focus on the economy, keeping foreign-policy talk to a minimum despite his experience on the topic.

Appearing at Sen. Barack Obama’s side in two battleground states that Mr. Obama lost to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton during the primary season, Mr. Biden stresses that Mr. Obama comes from humble means, telling voters at each stop that like many of them, his running-mate’s mom struggled financially.

Voters described Mr. Biden as “unafraid” and “sincere” as the Obama family and Biden family traveled the economically distressed region via bus.

“There’s never been a time since I’ve been around where so many people have been knocked down, and this government has paid so little attention to the fact that you’ve been knocked down,” Mr. Biden told voters at a town picnic-style evening event Friday in Beaver, Pa. “America is ready to get back up. And this is a man that’s going to get ‘em back up.”


Read the full story here.


I caught some silly video of them boarding the plane together for the first time, and also shot this clip Friday night in Beaver, Pa. (seen above as well) of Biden doing his first real stump speech as the vice presidential nominee. Obama seemed to like it.



And this is interesting. Team Obama uploaded a nicely edited video from their stop earlier today at a diner in Boardman, Ohio, where exactly zero news was made. But it looks great on camera, and probably generated some nice local clips, as you can see from the TV reporter cameo.



They also recorded this little fundraising clip after Obama’s nomination speech Thursday.


We’re headed to Indiana and Michigan tomorow.


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