The Washington Times - December 1, 2008, 10:45AM

CHICAGO - First it was Cubs v. White Sox.

Now, President-elect Barack Obama is showcasing Chicago’s shopping traditions for his seating assignments at the press conference.

It’s his fifth since winning the election and all last week he divided the press into the two Chicago ball teams.

Today the room is split into two sections: Garrett popcorn and Frango mints.

A well-placed Obama source tells me these are two traditional Christmas gifts given by Chicagoans. 

The source adds the mints are the better choice. After I sample them I’ll let you know.

For the first presser I was front row aisle.

For the last two I’ve been on the end (screen left as TV folks say) in the second row. I’m Frango today.




Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,
The Washington Times


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