The Washington Times - January 4, 2008, 11:45AM
New Hampshire
Dear Friend,\ \ \ “We’ve got more work to do.” That was my first reaction as I saw last night’s election results come in. And today in New Hampshire, I’m pounding the pavement, looking for every last vote in next Tuesday’s primary.\ \ \ With your help, we can make it clear that the Democratic Party needs a nominee who can go the distance in a long, challenging campaign to win the White House, and that the American people need a president who can be an effective champion for them on day one. \ \ \ Iowa sounded the opening bell of this campaign. New Hampshire is only four days away — and the pace only quickens from there. \ \ \ The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Events couldn’t be moving any faster. With everything on the line, let’s show them what we’re made of. \ \ \ Please contribute now.\ \ \ You and I know just what to do at times like this. Work harder than everyone else and rely on each other every step of the way. If we do that, I know we’ll win. \ \ \ You’ve already done so much. But today, I’m turning to you to help fund crucial activities in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and beyond. \ \ \ Make a contribution today to help me win.\ \ \ We’re not just working to prevail over other candidates in a hard-fought contest for the Democratic nomination. This is about more than that. It’s about our unyielding determination to reclaim our country from an administration that has failed us, betrayed our trust, and undermined our values. \ \ \ That’s why these next few days matter so much. I’m doing everything I can to drive our campaign to victory and I know you will do the same. \ \ \ With your help, we can win. Make a contribution now. \ \ \ Let’s keep working to change America. \ \ \ All the best, \ \ \ Hillary\

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times