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For a $50 donation to Hillary Clinton, you could get that image, and many more of the “best moments from the campaign” on a DVD.


(Never mind the fact the image above was taken the day after the final primaries when Barack Obama toppled Clinton by reaching the needed number of delegates for the nomination.)


Clinton’s presidential campaign - still in debt - is asking for supporters to buy the DVD, which also includes the former first lady’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in August.


During the video, found here, Clinton is heard saying, “We’re Americans, we’re not big on quitting,” during the convention. It opens with images of her getting on the campaign plane under the words “One woman’s journey across America.”


She also says, “There’s a yearning for change.”



Her words are interspersed with friendly images from the trail, including a beaming Clinton on the back of a pickup truck campaigning successfully for the Puerto Rico primary June 1, a little girl taking a photo of Clinton and her signing autographs for children. There’s also a shot from her concession speech on June 7 in Washington.


The donation page announces:


Contribute $50 and you’ll get a DVD with Hillary’s historic speech in Denver, the inspiring video that introduced her and President Clinton’s remarks as well. It will also include a special message that Hillary recorded just for you and never before seen photos from the campaign trail.


Watch a sneak-preview of the never before seen photos below and order yours today.


I’ve got to quibble with the “never before seen” claim, and I’m sure Time’s Callie Shell would too. Here’s the Obama-Clinton image and the shots of her Puerto Rico on the back of the truck were everywhere.


Here’s the note that came along with the fundraising pitch from Clinton aide Capricia Marshall:


We are living in a very special time in American history, with an election that has redefined the boundaries of possibility and set our nation on a positive path with new leadership.

Things are changing in Washington and we have reason to hope that the next four years will look much different and better than the last eight.

As we look forward to a new era in Washington, there is still one piece of unfinished business where Hillary needs your help.

We need to do all we can to help Hillary by acting now to reduce her remaining debt.

So in case you missed it last time: here is a great way for you to help Hillary once more — and be a part of one of the most historic campaigns in our history. We’ve put together a video with some of the best moments from the campaign, including Hillary’s speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver.




This isn’t the first time Clinton has done this, as I noted in this September blog.


But given all of the endless speculation and will-she-or-won’t she about Secretary of State, her debt retirement is even more interesting now than it was then.


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