The Washington Times - November 25, 2008, 02:16PM

When President-elect Barack Obama announced Melody Barnes yesterday as Director-designate of the Domestic Policy Council, she stood smiling next to Vice President-elect Joe Biden and the rest of the new economic team.



After the press conference ended the new appointees took no questions, but Barnes went backstage to chat on camera with the New Media team in this short video.


She outlines her background and said while campaigning for Obama across the nation she talked to voters about their priorities: growing the economy, improving health care and educational reform and accountability. She talked up his jobs plan with a focus on green-collar industries.


But she also noted something few have talked about since Obama won the election.


“The President-elect really ignites and inspires people, people are also committed to getting to work,” she said. “Being asked by President-elect Obama to do this work is an opportunity to engage with the American public and to empower those who feel like they just want to be asked what to do and how we go about making change in our country to fulfill the vision that he set forth in front of us,” she said.





Speaking of the new team, I did a short piece in today’s paper about the lack of criticism heard over Larry Summers’ appointment as director of the National Economic Council.


There was a loud clamor when he was on short list for Treasury, but yesterday: Crickets.


CHICAGO - When word got out that President-elect Barack Obama might choose Lawrence H. Summers to assume the same Treasury secretary post he once held, women’s groups still angry about remarks he made in 2005 about women and math made their voices heard.

But on Monday, when Mr. Obama instead tapped Mr. Summers to be a key member of his economic team and director of the National Economic Council, groups that had been protesting or appearing on cable shows did not put out statements, and did not respond to requests for comment.

Read the full story here.


Finally, a note of thanks to those of who wrote to see why I’m blogging less frequently these days. There’s so much news coming out of the Obama transition that most items are ending up as news stories on our Web site. That leaves me less time for blogging but I’ll be posting as often as I can with some breaks for the holidays.


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