The Washington Times - November 7, 2008, 10:48AM

CHICAGO As the campaign winds down, the transition heats up and the inaugural ball requests flow in steadily, Team Obama has begun a new phase entirely.



President-elect Obama, holding his first press conference today after a meeting with economic advisers, launched yesterday, which aims to include Americans in the process.



The transition even has its own YouTube page that - presumably to avoid an “Audacity Watch” from the RNC - did not go live until Nov. 5.


(If they want a White House You Tube page, they are going to have to think of a different name - WhiteHouseDotGov is already taken.)


I had a story on today’s front page exploring how will change under an Obama presidency:


CHICAGO | The Web address won’t change, but will never look the same. The Chicago-based team that made the Internet such a force in helping Barack Obama win the presidency is moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The president-elect already is up with, a site that mimics the style and visuals of his campaign site and asks supporters to help with the transition by sharing their stories and their visions for America.

The message is one of participation in government, and new users are told: “Thanks for signing up to join us in remaking Washington.”

When the Illinois Democrat takes the oath of office Jan. 20, is likely to get a complete makeover in the style of and the campaign site Barack

Mr. Obama communicated with his supporters directly via e-mail and text messaging before claiming victory Tuesday night, an early indicator that the first YouTube candidate will become the YouTube president.

Read the full story here.


Part of the story talked about the way citizen involvement in government has changed with the Internet, and looked at a new aggregator of Cabinet news and rumors.


The site drew 6,500 people its first day and is rocketing higher as interest grows.


“What we are witnessing is the last barrier falling between old legacy politics and new media world where everyone has a voice,” said founder James Boyce.


Finally, I wanted to let BBlog readers know that I’ve been promoted to White House correspondent for The Washington Times, and will be joining a great team (Dinan and Ward) to cover the Obama administration.


Thanks for coming along for what has been a wonderful ride covering the campaign for almost two years. I know the White House will be a lot of fun.


As always, keep the tips flowing and I always welcome your feedback.


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