The Washington Times - October 14, 2008, 10:56AM



Which of these burgers would you rather eat?


Bacon, blue cheese, onion marmalade and horseradish mayo


Chipotle mayo, corn roasted red pepper salsa, jack cheese


The hottest restaurant on Capitol Hill, Good Stuff Eatery, started the contest Oct. 1 offering these two burgers tied to the presidential nominees.


According to the Good Stuff tally, the Obama burger is winning 369 to 143.


Is that because D.C. is liberal? Or because Hill staffers prefer the Dems? (Good Stuff is frequented by Hill rats, as noted here.) Or perhaps because the Obama burger’s description is that much more tasty?


I’ve written a bit about bar and restaurant contests for the presidential race, and as the Lotus Lounge official told me this summer, the winner has little to do with the candidate and most everything to do with the goodie he or she is tied to.


Update, 11 p.m.: My colleague Jon Ward stopped in at Good Stuff tonight for dinner and reports back the latest tally. 405 for the Obama burger (Bacon, blue cheese) and 157 for the McCain burger (chipotle mayo).


Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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