The Washington Times - October 28, 2008, 11:44AM

CHESTER, Pa. In a rare move, Sen. Barack Obama wore jeans and sneakers during his campaign stump speech today, giving a 20-minute pep rally here as the cold rain pummeled everyone.



He wore a parka but no hat and no umbrella, drawing comparisons among the press in a frigid tent to President William Henry Harrison, who died from pneumonia one month after his inauguration speech because he stayed out so long in the cold.


On the way to the rally we got word that McCain had canceled a nearby outdoor rally “due to weather.”


Obama told his 9,000 fans on the college campus he would keep his speech short because, “I don’t want people so cold they can’t vote.”


It’s not the first time Obama has braved wet weather, as I blogged about here last month in Fredericksburg.


As he did then, Obama today riffed on the downpour for his stump speech:


“It’s not easy standing in the cold and in the rain. It’s not easy but you know this is the time to come together,” he said, adding that the campaign will be in good shape on Election Day if “we see this kind of dedication.”


Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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