The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 04:17PM

OMAHA Spotted at the Roots, Blues and BBQ festival Friday night in downtown Columbia, Missouri: State Sen. Chuck Graham.



You may remember a certain talkative vice presidential candidate urging him to “stand up” even though he is confined to a wheelchair.


There are no hard feelings from the senator, who was seen wearing an Obama fleece and was talking up both men on the Democratic ticket to any voters he met all evening.


He told me he thinks Obama can win Missouri.


Driving the 127 miles from St. Louis to Columbia, I didn’t spot a single Obama sign until I got into the college. Along the highway were several large McCain-Palin signs, along with signs promoting Republican statewide candidates. Some tattered “Will work for freedom” Ron Paul signs still hang in the trees along Highway 70.


Obama was prominently represented in Columbia, however. I also caught a sign that said “Palin for VP” and featured images of a heart, a cross and a gun.


On the 310-mile drive from Columbia here, I saw several McCain-Palin signs and one or two Obama signs.


Christina Bellantoni , national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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